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We empower advisors to elevate their clients' financial futures.

We provide bespoke client solutions, curated resources, and robust technology that empower advisors to best serve their clients. Our advisors are the confidants their clients’ trust, and we’re the specialist they need.

Safety and security of assets

We have chosen leading financial institutions to custody and safeguard client assets

Best-in-breed technology

Our fully-integrated platform touches every area of an advisor's business and elevates the client experience

Range of solutions

We offer solutions and services to help us achieve client investment and wealth objectives

Advice is provided by your advisor

Our diverse network of local advisors and their teams are responsible for helping their clients meet their goals and investment objectives. Operating as independent business owners leveraging the Concurrent platform, each partner firm has the opportunity to build its own brand and unique culture and to contribute its expertise to the collective. 

The platform is provided by Concurrent

Concurrent serves as a platform for advisors, providing compliance, supervision, operational support, investment due diligence, technology, and access to leading custodians, a broker-dealer, and banking and trust services.

We empower advisors as advocates for their clients, with a complete foundation of support that allows them to run their practice as they desire. 

Custody/Broker Dealer

Privately held for more than 75 years, Fidelity Institutional® is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial services firms, with more than $11 trillion in assets under administration, as of March 2022.

As a leading independent broker-dealer, PKS facilitates our ability to conduct commissionable transactions where appropriate. 


Our culture of collaboration opens the door to a network of specialists aligned to round out a holistic wealth management experience. Concurrent provides robust support and access to solutions in the areas of: 

  • Financial Planning 
  • Asset Management 
  • Alternative Investments 
  • Insurance 


The Concurrent platform offers you and your advisor best-in-class technology. 

We believe in the power of partnership

Advisors in the Concurrent network have the independence, control, and flexibility to better care for their clients. 

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Assets Under Management
$ 1 B

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