T7 Legacy Joins Concurrent

We’re excited to welcome T7 Legacy to the Concurrent platform. They join the growing number of independent financial firms that are powered by Concurrent to deliver personalized portfolios and client service. 

T7 Legacy, operated by Glenn Holmes, prides itself on helping clients achieve their financial goals. His motivation as a financial advisor is clear: empower households to navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence. With a focus on corporate executives and business owners, Glenn’s strategic acumen and empathetic approach provide his clients with confidence and peace of mind. His boundless energy and genuine commitment to service make him not just an advisor but also a trusted partner in the journey towards building a lasting legacy of wealth and prosperity.

As an independent Concurrent advisor, T7 Legacy and its clients gain access to the Concurrent platform and our suite of curated services: compliance, supervision, operational support, investment due diligence, technology, as well as access to leading custodians, a broker-dealer, and banking and trust services. We support independent advisory firms like Glenn’s so they can focus their attention on what’s most important – their clients.


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